InfiCath offers patients the only Antimicrobial infused catheter

The only line of catheters manufactured with polymers that are antimicrobial infused. The antimicrobial technology, Nouvex™, has submitted application for EPA approval. Nouvex™ is not a coating, it is the only infusible antimicrobial on the market today. IME will thus bring to the urological market the only material that will be antimicrobial through and through, not just as a superficial coating that washes away or wears off. The first product to be introduced with this antimicrobial technology will be an intermittent catheter, the Inficath™.

NOUVEX® is a patented co-monomer developed by Poly-Group and Purdue University.

The antimicrobial polymer mixes with the catheter material binding the antimicrobial agent throughout the device.

NOUVEX® Antimicrobial monomer then interacts with the bacterium penetrating the cell walls of the bacteria.

This cellular interaction causes Lysis or "cell death" of the bacterium.

As an example, staphylococcus bacteria attempts to metastasize on either the exterior or interior surfaces of the InfiCath™ catheter.

The result is cell death for any Bacterium, Virus or Spore that may attempt to take up residence on the InfiCath™ by Infinity Medical Engineering